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NYCSS Offers Workshops for a Variety of Groups and Experience Levels

Workshops are a great way to train with NYCSS! We’ve worked with schools, tour groups and theater companies from around the world. Whether you need an hour-long course or a 6-week intensive, NYCSS is ready to teach your group.

Build-Your-Own Workshop

Have a specific skill or topic to learn? NYCSS will work with you to create the classes you need.

Schools & Universities

We’ve worked with Schools such as Columbia University, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and SUNY Purchase

Theater Companies

We’ve trained and choreographed fights for Classic Stage Company, Hudson Warehouse and The New Vic Theater of London

Tour Groups

Jared regularly teaches classes for tour groups international marketing firms and private companies.

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Build-Your-Own Workshops

Is there something specific you’d like to work on? We’re here to help!

NYCSS’s Goal is to help you and your company excel in it’s art. We will work with you to design a class that will help you succeed.

We’ve Covered Topics Such As:

  • Weapon Skill Courses
  • Performing Shakespeare’s Violence
  • Violence Performance Theory
  • “Selling” Your Fights for Camera

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