Who We Are

NYCSS is committed to creating skilled, informed performers.





New York Combat for Stage & Screen

Jared Kirby, a certified fight director, took 25 years of professional work and 100s of productions on stage and screen and founded New York Combat for Stage and Screen. He poured those years of experience and acquired knowledge about combat, acting, and productions into creating an organization to provide that knowledge and experience to both performers and productions. 

Since then, NYCSS has grown into a full cadre of fight directors, certified instructors, and fight performers who are available to choreograph, teach, or perform. 

We are First and Foremost a Company and Network of Union and Non-Union Performers, Instructors and Directors

We are available for hire as performers, choreographers and consultants. 

We are committed to helping your personal performance and your production succeed regardless of budget, location, or experience level. 

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Fight Direction

Our Approach: Mission and Values

Training with NYCSS incorporates physical training to build martial skill while educating performers to make strong, actable choices in their violence.

Learn how to perform and create extraordinary fights for Screen and Stage.


“Under duress, we do not rise to our expectations – we fall to the level of our training.”

                                                                    -Bruce Lee

Our Core

Coming from a background of martial arts as well as performance, NYCSS brings the two worlds together by grounding fights with martial reality and extrapolating character driven violence from that foundation.

understanding the Struggle of the Fight

Struggle and Conflict as Humans

Struggle is a human concept, a human reality. We all experience struggles in living and struggles in dying. As storytellers, we incorporate, we weave that struggle into our tales. The struggle is why we tell these stories. The struggle in the fight reveals more than simply character, than simply telling a story – it reveals our humanity.

Our Vision

Creating moments of violence that have a purpose beyond shock value, that tell the story when words fail.


Our Goal

Help tell your story effectively while working in a safe and replicable environment.


Our Passion

Educate and guide performers to use violence as a story-telling tool, enhancing individual performances and entire productions.

Get Started

who should train with us?

This training is perfect for stage and screen actors, dancers, opera performers, directors and any kind of storytellers. It’s imperative that everyone learns how to use violence to enhance the characters and advance the story. We welcome all skill levels!

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What things do we teach?

Our classes include unarmed combat and a variety of weapons, as well as acting based performance seminars.

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Enhance your proDuction

NYCSS is ready to fight direct and choreograph violence in your production to help tell your story.

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