Weekly Training with NYCSS

Train on a Weekly Basis!

Train on an individual basis! All skill levels are welcome. Our class is designed in an ongoing format to build upon your skill level and goals as a performer. Various styles are taught concurrently; on a given night you may be working on unarmed combat while others are working on longsword, another group on knife, or a pair working on choreography for a project!

Class is open to all skill and experience levels, so don’t worry if you haven’t worked with us before!

Enrollment in our weekly class is now done on a month to month basis. Here’s what that means for you:

– All students will commit to train for that entire month.
– Classes will be 2 hours long.
– Students pay a single fee for the month (at this time there are no makeup classes).
– Class will be capped at 10 people. After 10 people have committed for the month a waitlist will be created.
– Those who were signed up the previous month will have first dibs on the next month. Anyone not continuing will be replaced with the next person on the waitlist. If that initial person wants to join the training again, they will be added to the waitlist for future openings.

NYCSS currently offers 4 opportunities for Weekly Training and Registration is open for March!:
Mondays (11am to 2pm)
Tuesdays (7:45 to 9:45)
Wednesdays (7:45 to 9:45)
Two Class Packages

Click here to see our full calendar!