Train Your Mind as Well as Your Body!

We’ve put together a list of informative and helpful books for the Actor, Fighter or Fight Director

 Performing Violence 

Staging Shakespeare’s Violence: Domestic Fury

by Seth Duerr & Jared Kirby

“An in-depth examination of how the greatest playwright in the English language employed not only psychological brutality, but also physical violence throughout his works.”

The Voice in Violence: Essays on Voice and Speech

by VASTA, Rocco Dal Vera

A publication of the Voice & Speech Trainers Association

The Screen Combat Handbook: A Practical Guide for Filmmakers

by Kevin Inouye

“An essential guide to navigating the unique challenges of putting combat on screen. Explore the process from the early stages of preproduction planning all the way through to editing and sound design, and everything in-between.”

The Theatrical Firearms Handbook

by Kevin Inouye

“The Theatrical Firearms Handbook is the essential guide to navigating the many decisions that are involved in the safe and effective use of firearm props for both the stage and screen.”

Fighting Words: A Combat Glossary

Edited by David Blixt

A volume of historical combat terms, as well as essays on broadswords, rapiers, smallswords, and storytelling. 

*This book contains contributions from Jared Kirby

Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before Putting Stage Comabt on Your Resume

By Meron Langsner

A helpful blog post of Professional advice for performers 

 The Martial Reality 

A Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling: Of Honour and Honourable Quarrels

by Vincentio Saviolo, Edited by Jared Kirby

“A Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling is a beautifully illustrated, lyrical guide to duelling etiquette in Elizabethan England. Its author, Vincentio Saviolo, was one of the great Italian fencing masters and a contemporary of William Shakespeare.”

The Art of Combat

by Joachim Meyer

A German Martial Arts Treatise of 1570

Italian Rapier Combat

Capo Ferro’s ‘Gran Simulacro’, Edited and Presented by Jared Kirby

“Featuring more than 40 beautiful illustrations, this stunning work presents one of the world’s most influential fencing treatises. Ridolfo Capo Ferro was a legend in his own lifetime. His intricate instructions were emulated throughout a Europe bewitched by this grace and style and are a window into his mastery of swordsmanship.”