Saturday Weapon Tracks: Quarterstaff and Sabre, Rapier and Smallsword (oh my!)

Our next pair of exciting weapon tracks!

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These two tracks will run on Saturdays April 13th to May 18th.

Quarterstaff Track (1:00 to 3:30)

The Quarterstaff has been ingrained in our collective imaginations by stories like Robin Hood. This 6 week weapon track will focus on the use of the quarterstaff in combat for stage and screen, throwing in a few fun twirls and tricks and then applying it all into choreography.

Sabre, Rapier & Smallsword (oh my!) (4:00 to 6:30)

For this special performance track, we’ll be looking at the similarities and differences in performing choreography between cut/thrust, thrust/cut and thrusting weapons. This means shaking off the rust with each weapon before moving into choreography and performance. With each new weapon, the class will look at the same choreography and how it can be modified to suit the current weapon. 

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NYCSS Home Base

All Classes Now take place at our home studio located at 358 W40th Street (2nd Floor)

Here are a few notes and instructions about entering the space:

-There is a buzzer located next to the front door when you arrive. Buzz 201 to be let in.
-Please make sure no one else is admitted when entering and exiting. You may contact us (instead of buzzing the number) if you need assistance.
-Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of class, as there is a class in the space before us.
-When you enter the studio, you must remove your street shoes (there are shelves for storage by the door).
-The space has changing rooms where you will be able to get ready, store your belongings and stretch. Please walk along the wooden floor to get there.
– For training we must wear clean, indoor only shoes on the mats. These should be flat soled if possible and can not be black soled shoes. It will be fine if you need to work in socks or bare feet for the first week or two while you get these shoes.


Please feel free to reach out with any further questions