Quarter Staff & Fantasy Weapon Tracks

Our Saturday Weapon Tracks Continue with a Double Header!

Each weapon track runs from July 15th to August 26th (there is no class on August 5th)

The Quarterstaff (1:00 to 3:30pm)
The Quarterstaff has been ingrained in our collective imaginations by stories like Robin Hood. This 6 week weapon track will focus on the use of the quarterstaff in combat for stage and screen, throwing in a few fun twirls and tricks and then applying it all into choreography.

Fantasy Sword Work (4:00 to 6:30)
Our Pop Culture is filled with fantastical settings that take us all the way from Middle Earth to a galaxy far, far, away. Such vast worlds in our collective imaginations makes it hard to separate the real life weapons and their use from the whirly-twirley moves of fantasy. This 6-week track will focus on taking your sword skills and shifting them towards using the weapon in a fantasy setting. Participants will learn how to take what they already know and adapt it to the rules and workings of the world they are in.