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*Weekly class registration is monthly and will vary depending on how many classes are in that month. $135 represents a standard, 4-week month.

package deals

We offer package deals on our weekly classes and our Sunday Seminars. These are a great option if you plan on regularly attending class. Buy in bulk and save!

*Please note that these packages do not apply to classes with our monthly membership. We hope to return to our normal class format and bring you these deals in the near future*

                                                         Sunday Seminar Bundle:

Single Seminar

$ 75+*per seminar

  • 1 seminar
  • $75 Early Bird, $100 General Registration
  • Save $0

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4 Seminar Bundle

$ 56.26*per seminar

  • 4 seminars
  • $225 total
  • Save between $75-$175
  • Must be used in a 8-month period

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* There may be an additional charge for seminars taught by guest instructors. Participants who purchase a bundle will only be responsible for the additional charge.
(For example: If a special seminar is $125, you will only be responsible for $50)

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