Client Testimonials

Austin pendleton

“A physically astute fight director.”


Actor with Steppenwolf Theatre and

a career of over 50 years


Steve guttenberg

“One of the most fascinating endeavors of stage play is the fight. These encounters can…be fraught with mistakes…An expert like Jared makes sure that…the blows, punches, and swordplay…are actually strictly composed choreography…Stage fighting is an art, and I worked with the Michelangelo of the craft. Thank you Jared for teaching me how to appear like a barbarian…Bravo Maestro!”

Susane Lee

“Jared’s boundless imagination couples with his experience and incredible knowledge makes his fight direction utterly transforming…His “fight” scenes bring the production up to another level…His battle…is a masterful display of his talent, ingenuity, and creativity…Everyone loves working with him – for his generosity, his incredible upbeat personality, and his ability to always push outside the box. Being with him while he’s working is a privilege and a joy…I can’t recommend Jared highly enough.”


Executive Director at Hudson Warehouse Theatre Company

Kevin inouye

“Any actor would be blessed to have Jared helping them delve in to the moments when their character becomes involved with violent action, and any director will benefit from his knowledge not just of martial concepts, but of what makes for strong, interesting choices. Those choices are informed by his studies of martial arts, but also fo dramatic and psychological approaches to violence that might have nothing to do with what we think of traditionally as ‘martial arts’. “


of Fight Designer LLC, a Fight Director and member of SAG-AFTRA 

Client Testimonials

David Mccormick

“I continue to use [Jared’s] concepts and recommendations about distance and posture…he is very attentive…yet his warmth comes through even when giving critique or correction. His lessons are not only practical, they are delivered with clarity of voice and illustrated exercises.”


Stage Combat Instructor at Academie Duello

Maya Santandrea

“Jared was my instructor at the NYCSS training facility and director of a showcase for a series of fight scenes. I learned invaluable lessons about taking hits, falls, and safely work with weapons, which are staples of my career to this day. He’s thorough, professional, and has a clear drive for passion for what he does. Highly recommended!”


Stunt Performer on The Walking Dead, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame

Hunter C. Smith

“Jared Kirby has been an indispensable instructor in my growth as an actor, stage combatant, and western martial artist…He has a gift for communication, both with actors and directors, where he is able to concisely and clearly express ideas and concepts that draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience. His approach…is studied and devoid of ego. His razor sharp- focus pierces to the heart of combat: why must the fight occur and what changes the characters experience as a result…[His] greatest lesson is to make the fight only be as long as is necessary to serve the story.” 

Stephanie Williams

“[Jared’s] skills in stage combat are among the best I know and have worked with. He is well versed in the standard language of stage combat, but is also flexible with all different styles.”