Flexible Weapons: A 6-Week Track

NYCSS Home Base 358 West 40th Street, New York

Rope, chain, scarves, the options are (almost) limitless! Throughout traditional martial arts to works of fantasy flexible weapons have found there place in almost every genre of stage and screen combat. Join us for this special 6-week Saturday track and unlock these skills for yourself! Starting with a plastic chain, this track will cover the mechanics and principals of using flexible weapons that can be easily switched out for a belt, scarf or even a flag. From there we will look at their application in stage combat (along with a few fun tricks and spins) before moving into applying those...


Turning Up The Heat: Advanced Choreography

NYCSS Home Base 358 West 40th Street, New York

Kick your performances up a notch! This advanced choreography track is designed to refine your attention to detail and push the limits of your skill. Once you've learned the choreography the challenge will be maintaining the specifics at performance speed while staying in character to act the fight. This track will feature choreography in: -Unarmed -Knife -Saber -Rapier & Dagger This track will run from 4pm to 6:30pm October 21st to December 16th (no class on November 25th) *As this is an advanced track, the focus will be on performing the choreography as opposed to learning the basics. Previous experience...