Teaching & Choreographing the

Art of Violent Storytelling




has two main goals:


1) Prepare actors to use violence in their roles through physical training and teaching actable choices so violence becomes a tool to reveal character

2) Provide productions with customized fight choreography which enhances your show, reveals character, and uses violence as a storytelling tool


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With over 25 years of experience in fight choreography and training actors, NYCSS is ready to help actors hone their craft and aid productions in navigating staged violence. Either way, NYCSS will best equip you to incorporate violence as a storytelling tool.


Who We Are

Jared Kirby, a certified fight director, took 25 years of professional work and 100s of productions on stage and screen and founded New York Combat for Stage and Screen. He poured those years of experience and learned knowledge about combat, acting, and productions into creating an organization to provide that knowledge. Since then, NYCSS has grown into a full cadre of fight directors, certified instructors, and fight performers who are available to choreograph, teach, or perform.


Based in New York City,

NYCSS is flexible, accommodating, and creative in meeting your needs.





Options are available around your schedule, locations, and price point.

We will work with you to achieve your vision!

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