NYCSS Membership


Level Up Your Training as an NYCSS Fighter!

NYCSS works to raise the standards and expectations of fights for stage and screen. We do this by holding our members to a high standard of work in their performances. NYCSS uses a solid understanding of martial theory and the appropriate physical skills to apply that to stage and screen combat.


 Want to Join?


To be considered for membership in NYCSS you must:

  • Be training regularly at NYCSS classes and events.
  • Show proficient skill in unarmed fighting and competency in 1 weapon.
  • Be sponsored by a current NYCSS member.

It’s that simple!

Have you trained a lot somewhere else? Already a badass and want to join this group? 

No problem! You just need to get to classes and show us what you can do. Meet the NYCSS members in class and impress the Instructor. 

 Membership Perks


  • Your Headshot/Selfie will be posted on the NYCSS website. 
  • Your dues are accessible for financial assistance to help you do workshops, productions, networking events, etc.
  • You will join an extensive community of like-minded fighters.
  • You will receive special discounts on NYCSS training.
  • You will receive a free NYCSS t-shirt!
  • You will be assigned a really cool nickname!

*Dues are $60 a year. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.*