Film your fight






The Actor’s Fight Reel

The perfect addition to any professional acting reel and/or fight reel. Your fight scene will be fully realized in discussion with you and choreographed by one of our NYCSS Fight Directors to showcase YOU and your skills!

30 Second Action Clip: $700

This includes:
-2 hours of rehearsal to build and refine your choreography
-4 hours to film your fight on shoot day


The Final Product:

-All fights will be shot on a 4K capable phone.
-Sound by Shure Professional MV88 portable mic.
-Editing, Sound Mix & Color finished professionally on Adobe Premiere Pro.

*These Packages DO NOT Include:
-The cost of rehearsal space and filming location (we are happy to work outside, weather permitting)
-Hair & Makeup

Does this package meet all your needs? If not, let us know what you need/want to add. We can customize accordingly and provide a new quote!

Signing Up Solo?

Don’t have somebody to fight but want to do this? Let us know! We have an entire network of students to connect with to help find you the perfect scene partner.

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