Shakespeare’s (S)words & Fantasy Choreography

Our Next Pair of Tracks Blast Off on July 13th!

These 4-week tracks will run on Saturdays July 13th to August 6th

Shakeseare’s (S)Words (1:00 to 3:30)

Our Shakespeare Seminar expands into a 4-week immersive track! We’ll begin with an introduction (or refresher course) on breaking down and reading the text. Then we will interpret the types of violent acts that can be extrapolated from the text. This will guide our exploration of options for performers and choreographers to express character and reveal story through violence. From there classes will progress into scene work where participants will have the opportunity to apply that interpretation of the text into physical reality!


Fantasy Choreography (4:00 to 6:30)

This track will focus on the application of the styles and tricks of fantasy sword work in choreography. After a quick refresher, students will begin building those skills into choreography with the goal of building into a multi-phrase fight to challenge the skills of any performer.


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