Dual Wielding and Fantasy Choreography

Our Saturday Weapon Tracks Continue with a Double Header!

Each weapon track runs from September 9th to October 14th
*NYCSS is now offering an extra discount to students who wish to take both tracks*

Double Trouble: Dual Wielding Taster (1:00 to 3:30pm)
Double your options! This 6-week track will take a look at the martial theory of dual weapons as well give students an introduction to some of the most popular weapon combinations before applying all of that knowledge and skill into choreography.

Students will be able to explore:
Tomahawk & Knife
Rapier & Dagger
Case of Rapier (Double Rapier)

Fantasy Choreography (4:00 to 6:30)
You’ve learned the twirls. You’ve practiced the tricks. Now What? This 6-week track will focus on the application of the styles and tricks of fantasy sword work in choreography. After a quick refresher, students will begin building those skills into choreography with the goal of building into a multi-phrase fight to challenge the skills of any performer.